Christian Paneda

Currently in San Francisco, California
Product Designer @ Intuit QuickBooks

Cool projects

Intuit QuickBooks

Summer 2021 / Product Design Internship

Designing the E2E experience for Intuit QuickBooks Checking virtual wallets (Apple & Google Pay) to provide small businesses quicker access to their money.

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Winter 2022 / Product Design  

Graduate school capstone. Helping creatives organize their small business through tailored recommendations & support.

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Fall 2020 / Product Design

UX design consultant for the UMSI Design Clinic. Client: IBM. Designing a digital activity for virtual conferences.

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Community Health Access Initiative

Fall 2020 - Winter 2021 / Product Design

Increasing access to inclusive and affirming health care services for LGBTQ+ youth. Awarded 1st place for the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion award at the UMSI 2021 Student Exposition.

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And if you made it this far, check out my fun side-projects :-)

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